Chris Capalbo Founder, Sausage Artist
Chris Capalbo

Founder, Sausage Artist

The Guy Behind Youz Guys

Where does your love for sausage making come from?

It’s really a passion for food. I’m Italian. It’s in my DNA. Growing up in my family, food was an event– something to be enjoyed. Holidays were extra special times with certain dishes making their once a year appearance.

How did you get your start?

I started working at a seafood restaurant back in Connecticut when I was 15. I learned how to properly clean and cook all types of seafood. Later, I moved on to another restaurant and extended my skills to properly preparing and cooking all types of meat. From there I got my big break when I left to work with Chef Jean Claude at The Atlantis, a high-end restaurant in Colorado. It was there that I learned the science behind great tasting food and the art of bringing flavors together in just the right way.

Do you butcher your own meat?

Of course. I learned from a great butcher named “Three Fingered” Tommy back in Connecticut. (Just kidding about the Three Fingered thing.) Tommy, along with my best friend Neil, taught me how to achieve the best cuts of meat with the least amount of waste. It’s a skill I brought with me to Michigan where I worked at a local smoke house. It rekindled my love of making food! Long story short– that’s how Youz Guys Sausage Co. came to be!

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Youz Guys Sausage Co. 8847 Portage Road, Portage MI 49002 Tel: 1-269-350-5676

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